A passenger who flew into Alicante-Elche airport today(July 16) has been taken to Alicante General Hospital after a routine check discovered that he presented symptoms of the coronavirus.

The man had arrived into the country on a flight from Dusseldorf in Germany, but he is an Alicante Province resident who was born in Columbia.

In keeping with all Spanish airports, Alicante-Elche has a thermal temperature scanning system where anybody who records a reading of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher is taken to a special area for a medical assessment to be carried out.

After the man was examined by medics, they suspected that might have COVID-19 and he was transferred to hospital for a PCE test.

Airport operator Aena stated last month that any possible coronavirus carriers would be interviewed to start a process of checking who they have been in contact with over a 14 day period.

Two flights arrived from the Dusseldorf today, namely the Eurowings service that touched down at 9.35am, and a Ryanair plane that came in at 1.25pm.

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