Many of you will have heard of the TIE card (Tarjeta de Identidad de extranjero), whilst many of you won’t have.

Therefore I thought I would try and explain the importance of this new residencia card.

Firstly, between now and the end of the Brexit transition period, the withdrawal agreement has cemented a number of points, including continued rights to healthcare and increases to the UK state pension.

Both of which remain unchanged for individuals who are legally resident here at the end of the transition period.

Only 360,000 British nationals are currently registered in Spain, with a vast number in the process of obtaining a residencia.

But I am not quite sure what will happen to those who do not choose to take official residency here in Spain after the end of year.

For those of you who are already registered as a resident, and have the green document or card, you need at this time to do nothing, as these are acceptable documents and you are not required to change to a TIE.

If you intend to remain living in Spain after December 31 but are not registered, you will need to apply for the TIE card and before you can do that, you must be in possession of either private health insurance, paying into the Spanish health system or be a pensioner.

To obtain your TIE, you can do this yourself but you must get an appointment, which I understand is in Alicante at the moment.

However the process can be started online and if you have no health insurance, you must obtain this first and be in possession of a certificate, which the police will require and this is where my company can help you.

You will need to ensure that the policy covers the full requirements for your application and the health insurance company we deal with, can provide the full cover that is necessary.

There is no point in taking out cheap insurance, and expecting this to provide you with ongoing expensive treatment, because it will not.

I understand there is no requirement to have a minimum cash amount in your bank account but you will need a minimum monthly income, and hopefully they will also consider the overall wealth of individuals.

For further information or a quotation, please contact one of my offices, email or visit our website

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