DOZENS of workers have returned to the same office building where a fresh COVID-19 outbreak was detected in Malaga at the weekend.

According to Diario Sur, workers from Ocio Hoteles, where the infections occurred, and the rest of the offices in Galia building were open today.

Ocio reportedly closed its office on the first floor but kept open its second one, on the third floor, where more than 30 people are working today.

All common areas and elevators remain operational, with just an area with sofas in the entrance hall closed off.

It comes despite 23 coronavirus cases being linked to the office up until yesterday.

All employees who tested positive are self-isolating at home while health authorities are carrying out contact tracing.

Some employees from Ocio Hoteles were reportedly shocked at having to show up for work today.

Despite working in the third-floor office today, on Friday there was contact between workers from both offices, during working hours, breaks and lunch.

Allegedly, some of the workers who returned today are still awaiting for the results of their PCR tests.

The Ministry of Health has yet to verify whether or not the companies have breached health protocols.

More COVID-19 test results for the workers are expected to be released today.

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