SPANISH renewable energy company Norvento Enerxia is busy proving the old Yorkshire saying ‘where there’s muck there’s brass.’

It has launched an entire business line dedicated to the development of biogas plants for the industrial sector.

The line – which uses modern technology to produce valuable gas from compostable waste – has been a long time coming.

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SOLUTION: Norvento has industrial-scale technology

The company first started working on research and development in the biotech business in 2013.

While it has offered engineering solutions for what to do with waste it is now offering integrated solutions to industry.

The benefit of installing biogas plant is two-fold. Firstly it provides a solution for firms for what to do with waste material  – getting rid of which can be a costly business – and secondly it can actually turn the problem into a money spinner.

Instead of paying for the safe disposal of the waste material – which can be anything biodegradeable such as trimmings from the food industry for example – companies can produce a useful biogas.

They can then burn this to provide electricity, hot water or heat and so saving on their power bills, or sell it on for injection into gas supply pipelines.

Norvento will offer companies the chance to combine this technology with other green products such as solarPV power and energy storage to make their businesses as energy efficient as possible.

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