YOUNGER people seem to be in the firing line across the Valencian Community in the recent rise in Covid-19 cases.

Regional health minister, Ana Barcelo, said that latest figures showed that nearly half of the new infections came in the 15 to 34 year age range, while 31 per cent of new cases were in the 34 to 64 age bracket

The news over younger people being more susceptible to catching the virus squares up with recent outbreaks in the Community amongst partygoers.

NIGHTCLUBS: Proven hot spots for spread of Covid-19

That included 70 plus cases being recorded amongst visitors to a Gandia nightclub earlier this month.

Speaking today on a visit to Alicante, the Community´s vice-president, Monica Oltra, even suggested that a blanket-ban on such venues might be considered across the whole region to stop the virus spreading.

Over the latest figures, Ana Barcelo warned: “The number of new infections has accelerated in recent days and in fact has doubled over a fortnight.”

She also announced that 85 new trackers have been hired, joining the 1,008 already employed.

“We cannot forget that this is an invisible enemy and that the virus does not does not distinguish between family, friends, co-workers or total strangers”, Barcelo added.


  1. Obviously it must be the alcohol and the other that gives so much immunity to young people that they can party as they please without affecting the older, more vulnerable members of the generational households that have never given them anything and in which they don’t obviously live.
    Maybe they assuage their fears and selfless love with a thought of a god-given right to inheritance anyway. Maybe. Or is it possible they are all just entitled, selfish morons. So who cares anyway Darwinism doth rule.

    Location : Estepona

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