A British woman has warned her fellow countryman not to fall for the hoax that could see them fleeced out of money. 

Lily Adamson, who helps non Spanish speaking expats getting appointments for NIE, said she was horrified when discovered the fake website trying to trick Brits into handing over their personal details and hard earned cash. 


Lily claims criminals are hiding behind a fake Cita Previa webpage and convincing expats to pay money to obtain a ‘tasas’ form – which should be always be free.

She said: “The problem is not only this website is scamming people out of a modest amount of money.

“It is that they pretend to be an official site and therefore, you trust them with your personal data; name, address, phone, email and even bank account info.” 

Lily says vulnerable Brits are being lead to a page called Gestoclic, where they are asked to fill in all their data and pay €29 for a fake tesas from the police department 

She added: “They don’t give you a receipt, you only receive a confirmation number through the email you have provided them with.

“Needless to say, your Tasas are not paid and you probably won’t heat

from them again.”

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