A DUMB burglar made a big mistake when he robbed a holiday home in Alicante City.

He left a briefcase behind with his identification papers stuffed inside it and then was arrested by the Policia Nacional when he made a risky return.

It was easy pickings on a first visit for the 58-year-old Cuban national who burgled a holiday home, with the owner back in her native France.

She returned for a mini-break and discovered her property had been ransacked with the locks forced to enable the thief to get indoors.

Some clothes and money were taken by the crook who thought that he had got away with his criminal deed.

The owner reported the burglary to the Policia Nacional and agents discovered a big clue as to who did it as they combed through her house.

The thief had left a briefcase behind with documents inside it that identified who he was.

An operation was launched to find the man including the posting of a team in the area just in case he was tempted to make a second visit to retrieve his case.

He duly did, but the owner was inside and called police as the burglar tried to force his way in again.

Nearby agents then arrested the Cuban and hauled him in front of an Alicante judge on robbery charges.

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