A TEENAGER in Mallorca has stabbed his father a total of seven times after he had his mobile phone confiscated.

The boy, 13, inflicted multiple stab wounds to his dad at their family home in Palma when he had his telephone taken away from him on Sunday.

According to Diario de Mallorca, the child went to the kitchen to retrieve a knife.

He then pounced upon his father, stabbing him in the shoulder and arm.

Covered in blood, the man managed to escape further injury by running out of the property into the street where he then called the police.

A responding Policia Nacional patrol swiftly took the teenager away in cuffs while the father was taken to hospital.

Investigators say the boy explained that ‘he had heard voices’ telling him to attack his father.

For this reason he is now being evaluated by psychiatrists with the Family and Women’s Unit of the Policia Nacional taking over the case.

It comes just one week after a teenage couple were arrested in Costa Blanca after the mummified body of the girl’s mother was found in a bathtub.

The pair are set to be charged over her death with reports indicating that the daughter had continued to live in the flat as if nothing had happened.

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