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How to Cultivate Daffodil Flowers at Home


Many people think that daffodils are exclusively garden plants. However, these flowers can be planted in a pot at home, and they are easy to take care of. This article discusses the main varieties of daffodil for planting at home, the rules for choosing bulbs, and the features of planting.

Suitable Species for Growing at Home

Daffodils can take root well in pots and please with beautiful flowers from December to March. However, not all plant varieties are suitable for growing at home. The most suitable varieties for planting indoor are the following:

  • Avalanche;
  • Inbal;
  • Ziva;
  • Magnet;
  • Grand Soleil d’Or;
  • Erlicheer;

All varieties, except Magnet and Grand Soleil d’Or, can have three color options: beige, cream, white. The first two species exist only in yellow colors. Avalanche flowers have a yellow center and white petals, while Erlicheer differs from others with an interesting flower shape that looks like velvet. The most long-flowering plants are Avalanche and Ziva. Considering the mentioned above, you can buy daffodil bulbs here.


How to Choose Bulbs for Planting

Daffodil bulbs for indoor growing have special requirements for size and care. If you want your plant to take root well in your indoor pot — select large solid bulbs. They should not be damaged (holes, black spots, scratches, etc.). After purchasing the bulbs of indoor daffodils, it is recommended to plant them in pots as soon as possible.

The pot for planting daffodils should be short (about 15 cm), and medium in width (from 10 to 13 cm). You can plant from two to four bulbs in one pot, depending on their size and variety. There must be holes on the bottom of the pot. They serve to remove the excess water from the container during irrigation. Otherwise, moisture will stagnate in the ground, which will lead to early rotting.

What Should Be the Soil for Planting Daffodils?

In flower shops, you can purchase special soil for daffodils. However, this plant will take root well in ordinary garden soil. For flowers to bloom better, it is recommended to add a little sawdust, river sand, or clay to the ground. The ground should be soft and crumbly. If there are wads in the soil, and some particles begin to stick together, the soil will not receive enough oxygen, which will lead to fungal diseases of the plant. It is recommended to fertilize the soil with minerals or wood ash.


How to Take Care of a Daffodil at Home

Growing daffodils in pots do not require much effort. It is enough to adhere to a few basic rules, and you can grow daffodils by any festive event, which will pleasantly surprise your family and guests. One of the first secrets is to avoid placing them next to other types of flowers. The plant contains some toxic substances that can harm the plants with a weak root system.

What are your favorite daffodil varieties? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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