A 20-YEAR-OLD student from the Murcia region was jailed for 18 months after he vandalised a Picasso painting at London’s Tate Modern gallery.

San Javier-based self-proclaimed anarchist Shakeel Massey was tried and sentenced at a London court this week.

He had been studying architecture at the University of Cartagena and went to the UK in December to visit relatives.

He attacked Picasso’s ‘Bust of a Woman’ on December 28 after wrapping his hand in a scarf to break the protective glass on the painting before tearing into the canvas.

The vandal cut Picasso painting worth £20 million | USA Art News
Vandalised Picasso masterpiece

Massey had used social media to say that he planned the attack for three years.

When he was arrested, the student described what he did as a ‘performance’ and was mimicking a previous attack on a painting at the Tate Modern in 2012.

Restoration work on the damaged Picasso could cost up to €400,000.

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