LEADING Costa Blanca hotel association, HOSBEC, is forecasting the grimmest of months for September.

With the traditional holiday season ending and children returning to school, combined with the various Covid-19 restrictions in place, barely 30 hotels will remain open.

The organisation’s president, Toni Mayor, said that, ‘there will be neither senior citizens nor foreigners to fill the beds’.

Toni Mayor Hosbec

Eight Benidorm hotels have closed in recent days, another in l’Albir that only decided to reopen after de-escalation in order to recoup lost income during lockdown.

Mayor continued: “Many other closures will come later, if there are 10 or 15 left [open] it would be a miracle.

Leire Bilbao, manager of the Tourism Foundation, predicted that the few hotels that do choose to open in winter will do so “not because of the income, but because of a question of the city.”

Mayor than added “If we hold out with 15 hotels open, it will be a miracle”

“It is not due to lack of desire, we would like to have all hotels open, but if there are no tourists , there is no way,” he lamented.

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