THE entire town of Coin is being practically doused in bleach following a ‘worrying’ rise in COVID-19 cases.

The sleepy inland town in Malaga announced yesterday that it will be disinfecting most streets along with schools.

Education centres will also be disinfected both inside and outside daily, while playgrounds will be closed from 10pm to 6am to avoid crowds gathering.

Bleach Coin 2
Town hall worker disinfecting the streets of Coin in Malaga (CREDIT: Ayto. Coin/TWITTER)

Meetings have been held with Policia Local, Guardia Civil and health professionals to manage the new measures.

“The situation in our city is worrying, so I appeal to the public to be responsible and prudent in our day-to-day life,” said mayor Francisco Santos.

“We cannot get sloppy during meetings with family or with friends, because they are a source of contagion.

“Let’s limit the social contact we make and adhere to masks and social distancing norms.”

The disinfecting team has been doubled following a town hall meeting.

Bleach Coin
Children’s playgrounds in Coin are off limits between 10pm and 6am (CREDIT: Ayto. Coin/TWITTER)

“We had two teams working, one in the mornings and another in the late evening/early hours of the morning,” explained Santos.

“As of Monday we have brought in another two teams which will use a truck to wash the streets and another machine to access the more narrow roads.”

He added: “We are very concerned about the current situation and that is why we want to make citizens aware of the reality before it is too late to stop these infections.”


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