AN IRATE patient at a Valencia City hospital threatened to kill a doctor and then splashed his blood on Policia Nacional agents.

The 23-year-old Spaniard had suffered a cut to his right hand and went for treatment to the emergency room at the unnamed facility in early hours of Wednesday morning(September 9).

Nurses bandaged his hand, but then told him to wait as they needed to see patients that had more serious needs.

The man lost his composure and started shouting in the waiting room before removing his bandage as his blood dripped on the floor.

Medical staff told him to calm down and reapplied his dressing twice but he kept removing it.

Matters turned even uglier, as the angry patient threatened the duty doctor and said that ‘he would slash his neck and wait him for outside to kill him’,

Policia Nacional agents arrived to be greeted by the man trying to splash his blood onto them as well as uttering a choice range of expletives.

He was arrested on multiple charges of threats, public disorder, resisting arrest, and disobedience.

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