THREE police agents and two drug traffickers have been left injured after ramming their car into an official police vehicle while attempting to flee.

Guardia Civil caught the two men with 700 kilos of hashish in their BMW.

Authorities first spotted the two men as they were loading their car with the drug from a semi-rigid boat in San Roque, Cadiz.

Carrying 25 bales of hashish, the car sped from La Urca with its clandestine cargo.

Hash Car1 1
CARGO: Bundled up hashish

But moments later it collided with a camouflaged police car waiting to intercept.

Hashish deals are on ongoing issue in Southern Spain. In June, a drug pin known as the ‘Messi of Hash’ was arrested in Andalucia.

Meanwhile, in Malaga, two women were arrested for hiding hashish in their bras.

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