THE Chief Minister claimed ‘not an inch’ of Gibraltar would be given away during post-Brexit negotiations.

It followed the message by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that ‘not a fragment’ of Gibraltar’s British sovereignty would be given away.

As Gibraltar enters the final stages of Brexit negotiations before the December deadline, Fabian Picardo asked the people to ignore Spanish press reports.

Some of those reports suggested Gibraltar could exchange fishing rights for a Schengen border with Spain.

“As I said on National Day, this is an area where the Government of Gibraltar, led by me, will give not an inch,” said Picardo.

“You’re reading stuff in Spanish newspapers, which puts in the Spanish version of events, the Spanish claims, what they want. Absolutely ignore those.

“We will never agree to anything that dilutes British sovereignty, jurisdiction or control over Gibraltar in the negotiations. 

“We are tough, we are the hawks. We will not allow them to get anything past us.

“Please do not fall into the trap that some people are falling for on social media, of believing the Spanish version of events. 

“Believe your Government, we are here to fight for our Gibraltar, to defend our Gibraltar, and remember the Hawks are in government now.”

UK PM Boris Johnson delivered a message of support for Gibraltar on National Day too.

“You are very much part of the British family and we have wrapped our arms around you,” said PM Boris Johnson.

“Unless and until you decide otherwise, no sliver of Rock, no fragment of national sovereignty will be given away.

“As long as I am Prime Minister that is exactly the way things are going to stay.”

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