THE Government of the Balearic Islands has announced that parts of Ibiza will be put on a partial lockdown.

In aim of bringing down the number of coronavirus cases, the measure will follow the enforcement of tougher restrictions put in place across four districts of Palma.

This included a complete control over mobility, impacting some 22,700 residents.

In Ibiza, the centre of San Antonio and Ibiza Town will face similar restrictions that were laid down in Mallorca from Friday.

According to the Balearic Ministry of Health, these two areas, now labelled as ‘hot zones,’ have the highest number of COVID-19 infections in the region.

The spokesman for the Balearic Committee of Infectious Diseases, Javier Arranz, stressed that this partial confinement would be ‘fundamental to control contagions.’

He said: “We already have seen it go well in other places, such as Catalunya and Aragon, where more dangerous situations have been controlled.”

Arranz admitted that this measure ‘may not be as effective as a total confinement’ but ‘will help us prevent a second wave of infections that will reach a number difficult to control.’

The Mayor of San Antonio, Marcos Serra Colomar, this morning explained what exactly the confinement would consist of alongside a map of the new ‘hot zone.’

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CONFINEMENT: The ‘hot zone’ in San Antonio

Firstly, mobility will be completely controlled and only those who reside or work in this area will be allowed inside.

Residents will have to justify an exceptional reason at a checkpoint if they want to leave which could include going to work, school, the doctor or bank.

The movement of residents within the ‘hot zone’ is allowed, although it is recommended that they remain at home during the period of confinement.

Shops, bars, cafes and restaurants must close no later than 10pm.

Sporting and cultural activities consisting of more than five people are also banned. 

Gyms and sports centres must close immediately and all parks in these areas will be cordoned off for use. 

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CONFINEMENT: The ‘hot zone’ in Ibiza Town

It is expected that Ibiza Town will enforce the same measures which will last a minimum of 15 days.

However, Health Minister Patricia Gomez has said that this period will be extended if the number of COVID-19 infections do not decline.

It comes as a number of towns in Spain have reverted to lockdown measures in recent weeks to fight COVID-19, including in Malaga.

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