KEN Appledorn first moved to Spain from Michigan for love. Fifteen years ago, after losing his heart to Jorge Cadaval of the beloved comedy duo Los Morancos, he packed his bags and headed for Triana, Seville. 

And, regardless of the popularity of his spouse, Appledorn’s talent has spoken for itself in the Spanish cinema scene. 

Rifkin’s Festival, directed by Woody Allen, premiered at the San Sebastian film festival this week but Appledorn is still pinching himself that he was even involved. 

“I’m excited to have worked with Woody, he was actually really cool and fun. But he’s notorious for clipping so I just hope I don’t get cut out of the movie,”  Appledorn told the Olive Press

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“On set he told me to come over and my mouth just opened wide. The assistant director had to tell me ‘he’s not going to bite you’.”  

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Despite his disbelief, Appledorn’s career is moving from strength to strength. The actor will also feature in Malnazidos, which opens the Sitges Film Festival horror programme on October 8. 

“I love independent cinema,” said Appledorn. “That’s why I love working in Spain; even a big commercial project is fairly independent.”   

“In the US anything with a budget of 2 million is considered indie, but here that’s a big project. Everything has small teams and you meet a lot of people. I think if you’re a hard worker they call you back to work again. ”  

This strategy has certainly proved fruitful for Appledorn, who has now begun filming a new cooking show for RTVE. 

“It’s fun just to be spontaneous and whatever comes comes,” said Appledorn. The future certainly looks bright for the happy-go-lucky star. 

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