A WOMAN was arrested on the Costa Blanca for setting up a blackmail plot involving sex photos of her husband.

Two other people were roped into the extortion plan and also detained by the Policia Nacional in Alicante.

The angry wife wanted revenge on her partner who she discovered had a phone relationship with another woman.

The husband complained to the police over calls from a ‘hidden’ number demanding up to €2,000 to stop the spreading of indiscrete photos that he had sent to his female acquaintance.

Policia Nacional investigators tracked down the phone number where the threats were coming from, which belonged to a man who was a friend of both the husband and wife.

Since the husband would probably have recognised his voice, a third man was reeled into the plot to make the actual calls.

The two men had been briefed by the victim’s wife who discovered her partner’s phone dalliance with another woman, and wanted to make him pay, quite literally.

The arrested trio were released on bail.

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