A BURGLAR made a massive mistake when he tried to break into a Torrevieja home which just happened to be owned by a Guardia Civil agent.

The off-duty Guardia employee was with his nine-month-old baby daughter when he heard a noise coming from his apartment door.

It was the sound of the 54-year-old burglar trying to prise open the lock.

The homeowner looked through the peephole and flung open the door.

The agent identified himself as a member of the Guardia Civil, as the French national ran away in a state of shock.

Some people were working in the building and the agent asked them to look after his baby as he chased the thief and shouted ‘Stop! Guardia Civil’.

The man didn´t listen and when the agent eventually caught him, he was kicked and punched by the thief, who escaped his clutches as he threatened the agent with a pair of scissors.

The Guardia agent wasn´t put off and continued his pursuit outside while phoning for reinforcements from his colleagues.

They found the felon hiding in some bushes and arrested him for attempted burglary.

It later emerged that he had tried to break into two other apartments in the same block on the same day.

The Frenchman had a record of burglaries across the Vega Baja region and was also charged with assaulting the Guardia agent.

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