A 270 people-strong party celebrating a baptism and communion has been shut down in Granada.

The hundreds of party goers were found by police not wearing masks or respecting social distancing.

Authorities had been called to a farm house at around 7pm on Saturday due to several noise complaints.

Named Carrijo and situated on the outskirts of the city in La Vega, the large property was surrounded by around 80 cars.

The illegal party came complete with catering, waiters, a stage and musicians.

There were also attractions for children, including several entertainers, reported Efe.

Police verified that attendees were not respecting COVID-19 security measures and that the event exceeded the maximum number of people allowed to be concentrated in one place.

A total of 270 people were handed fines, reported ABC, starting from €100, meaning a minimum of €27,000 in sanctions.

The hosts of the event said they paid to rent the property, but it lacked the appropriate license.

Its owner, who arrived at the scene driving a car despite having no license, will also be fined.

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