TWO women have been arrested in Rojales after allegedly shoplifting an unusual mix of cheese, spirits and party balloons.

Rojales Shoplifter Gin Cheese
PARTY TIME: Gin, cheese, tuna and balloons all seized

The pair had been seen acting suspiciously at the town’s branch of Mercadona on Avenida Justo Quesada.

Policia Local noticed the duo quickened their pace when leaving the supermarket.

Rojales Mercadona
MERCADONA: Rojales branch

When questioned on why they were in such a hurry, they said they were thirsty and wanted to drink some water after buying crisps and sandwiches.

Rojales Shoplifter Tools

A subsequent search by officers revealed six whole cheeses weighing one kilo each in the bag of one of the women.

In the back of their car, agents found 11 bottles of gin, numerous multi-packs of tuna, two bottles of whisky and three packets of balloons used for birthday parties.

Under the driver’s seat they discovered three screwdrivers, a wrench, a hammer, two pliers and a chisel.

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