A TOP alleged hashish smuggler has been jailed after handing himself in at a police station in Gibraltar’s neighbouring town.

Guardia Civil chiefs asked the La Linea court for Francisco D, known as ‘Wachi’, 44, to not be given bail.

The Guardia Civil was searching for Wachi intensely since the ‘Trapera’ operation in February 2019.

It was intended to catch top members of the Castana clan led by the two brothers Antonio and Francisco Tejon.

The operation involved 600 Guardia Civil agents in raids on addresses in Malaga and La Linea leading to 29 arrests.

However, many of the leaders of these hash smuggling clans managed to escape, including Wachi.

Wachi was looked for on a robbery charge and it was feared that he would change the operation of the clan around this arrest.

The detention of Wachi follows an intensive summer of raids by the Guardia Civil, with over 80 arrests being made.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior has promised a €7 million package to help in the fight against drug trafficking in the southern most region.

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