THE rules on the use of masks are being beefed up in Spain’s Andalucia.

The Junta announced today that anyone practicing individual sports in areas with a high influx of people must don the protective face gear.

This includes runners, cyclists and skaters or any other similar hobbyists.

In collective or group sports, as long as it is not professional practice, the rules on mask use will be as before.

The rules are also being toughened up in the hospitality sector.

An update on the original July 14 decree will specify that customers can only take off their masks while they are eating and drinking.

It suggests you will not be permitted to remove the mask between courses while seated.

The new rules will come into force once they are published in more detail in the Official Gazette of the Junta (BOJA) tomorrow.

The use of masks has been mandatory in the region since July 15, in open and closed spaces and regardless of whether a safe distance between people could be maintained.

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