ORIHUELA City Council have presented their new image of El Palmeral de Orihuela, recently declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC).

NEW DESIGN: Four themes

The plan to transform the area is based on four distinctive features of El Palmeral: the farmland and water, the mountains, the sun and the palm tree.

Carteles El Palmeral

Each area will have different themes with iconography inspired by mosaics and Arab designs, reflecting the Andalusian origin of the Palmeral.

Dámaso Aparicio, Councillor for the Environment, explained: “We are putting all our emphasis so that El Palmeral is a cultural, ethnological, landscape heritage, unique in the world and therefore we want to continue with actions that continue to value this environment.”

He also announced a new website going live on October 30, which will show plans and explore the designs further: www.palmeraldeorihuela.com

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