MALAGA is the Andalucian province with the highest number of health professionals infected with COVID-19.

Nearly 7% of the total number of coronavirus infections detected in Malaga since the beginning of the pandemic correspond to healthcare workers.

Although infections have decreased compared to the first wave, when several batches of defective material were purchased and official protective equipment was lacking, the outbreak located in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Regional Hospital shows that exposure to the virus continues to be a risk for health care staff.

Malaga, with an accumulated 1,445 positive cases among health workers accounts for 22% of the total infections in Andalucia’s health services, ahead of Granada (with 1,281 health services infected, 20%) and Sevilla (1,270, another 20%).

Spain itself has already passed the barrier of 70,000 infected healthcare workers, a figure that represents more than 6% of the total number of confirmed infections.

The unions are calling for improvements in protocols and protective materials and the immediate replacement of workers who are on sick leave or in preventive isolation.

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