TRAVEL in and out of the Valencian Community will continue to be curtailed beyond the week-long period scheduled to end this Friday(November 6).

Valencian President, Ximo Puig, revealed that he wanted an extension in an interview with the Telecinco TV channel this Tuesday morning.

The restrictions started last Friday lunchtime and were set to end this coming Friday.

The closure was aimed at stopping travellers from across Spain coming into the region for the All Saints Day weekend and potentially spreading COVID-19.

Ximo Puig said: “The reasonable way to proceed is to continue with the border closure and to see what results we get from doing it.”

The feeling is that a minimal seven-day extension will take place, and the Valencian Government is set to announce further measures to combat the coronavirus spread this Thursday.

“Infection rates have increased considerably in recent days, but we maintain a certain amount of stability. We have about 1,300 occupied hospital beds but though the situation is getting worse and of concern, we have not reached where we were in the first wave of the virus,” Ximo Puig added.

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