GERMAN DJ Christian Loffler has shot an amazing dance video in the famous Tajo de Ronda.

French music company Cercle brought a team of over a dozen technicians and engineers to film the set.

Perched on the edge of the 500 metre-long gorge, the DJ performed a six minute mix of synth riffs and mellow beats.

In the video, DJ Loffler stands on top of a circular glass stage that has been erected on a rocky promontory below the town. 

With aerial shots and panning landscape views, the overall effect of the piece is both moving and impressive. 

Loffler is known for his ambiente electrónic dance music. 

He spends most of his time in a hut in Germany along the Darss Peninsula creating music and visual art.  

But the artist couldn’t resist Cercle’s offer to film his latest set in the stunning Ronda landscape. 

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