A SCHOOL is under fire for refusing to expel a homophobic bully whose latest attack sent his 11-year-old victim to hospital.

The 15-year-old attacker has only been suspended after beating his victim’s face so hard he fractured his nasal septum.

The bully, according to local sources, repeatedly harassed his younger fellow pupil ‘for being gay’ before the latest assault, and the school, the Isaac Peral Institute, was allegedly aware of the situation.

School Bully
UNDER FIRE: School where homophobic attack took place in Murcia

“His face sunk and he could not breathe properly,” sister of the victim Gissel Sanchez, told 7 Television Region, of the latest attack.

“He (the bully) was behind him, he took his bag off him and punched him in the face, he was unconscious.”

The attacker continued pummelling the boy until the mother of another student intervened.

The young lad was transferred to the Hospital Santalucia de Cartagena.

The family told press it is not the first time the bully has targeted the young boy.

“He called him a f***ot all the time and harassed him for that,” the sister said.

Boy Hosptital
‘DEVASTATED’: 11-year-old victim in hospital after having face brutally beaten by bully, 15

“My brother is very sad, devastated, he doesn’t know why it’s happening to him.”

But the school told press the bully would not be expelled, but suspended for just 15 days.

The decision has enraged friends and family of the victim, with the latter starting a petition to have the bully expelled indefinitely.

They are also filing a denuncia against the attacker with the police.

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