ORCA whales are abandoning the strait of Gibraltar and heading to Galician waters, biologists have said. 

Experts suspect that Orcas are leaving the Strait for Spain as the Mediterranean ocean is now too warm thanks to climate change.

While sightings of the Killer Whales along the Strait usually average between 60 and 70 per season, this number has now decreased by more than two thirds in the past year. 

Temperature increase in the Mediterranean is taking place 20% faster than the global average, according to the Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE). 

But despite a surge in violent incidents involving Orcas along the Northern coast, there is no clear scientific explanation for the Killer Whale’s change in behaviour. 

Since relocating to the Galician coastline, the rebellious Orcas have rammed into a Spanish navy vessel as well as a series of sailing boats and catamarans. 

“These interactions are very rare and aren’t something we’ve seen here before.” said biologist Alfredo Lopez. 

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