LINKED to a diverse array of men including Prince Andrew, Ryan Giggs and Hugh Grant,  British socialite and millionaire Caroline Stanbury has now coupled up with Real Madrid player Sergio Carrallo, 26. 

The footballer’s father offered to pay him ‘whatever he wanted’ to leave the 44-year-old divorcee, while his mother simply cried at the relationship revelation. 

LOVEBIRDS: The couple kissing

Nearly two decades his senior, Stanbury, 44, jetted to California to perform her one woman show Divorced not Dead after splitting from her financier husband Cem Habib. 

From the audience, Carrallo became mesmerised by the mother of three and invited her back to his house in Marbella when they both returned to Spain. 

“I used to burn off a lot of calories when I was playing football so I have to find another way. Sex is the way and I need to score,” he revealed. 

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