A new show at the CaixaForum in Madrid has wowed visitors with its display of over 279 surrealist works of art.

Surrealism, an art form traditionally defined as art that explores the subconscious mind, is a particularly apt movement for those using culture as escapism during these challenging times.

While the show features surrealist figureheads such as Dali and Man Ray, it also looks forward to the surrealist influences on modern art: for example, Bjork’s experimental music videos.

The exhibition, called Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924-2020, is an immersive experience with towering Dali landscapes for the viewer to lose themselves in.

Fans of Surrealism will recognise the iconic works on display, including scenes from Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou and Man Ray’s Le Violon.

But the exhibitions curators hope the show will also inspire a new generation of surrealist designers in Spain.

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