SPAIN is finally showing signs that the second wave of the coronavirus is stabilising. 

According to the Ministry of Health, the country detected 38,273 cases since Friday, just over 12,700 per day.

That is the lowest weekend figure of the past month, and a long way from the 52,386 cases recorded the previous weekend. 

Of the almost 40,000 detected cases, some 3,321 correspond to tests taken in the past 24 hours. The Basque Country counts the most of those with 713, then Galicia with 501 and Catalunya with 359. 

In terms of deaths from the disease, 484 were recorded across the country over the weekend, a relatively high figure but fewer than the 512 deaths counted over the previous weekend. 

However there are still more than 1,000 people dying each week from the coronavirus in Spain, with 1,082 losing their lives in the past seven days. 

Head of the coronavirus task force Fernando Simon recognised the ‘slight downward trend’ in the data revealed today, but warned ‘there are still many, many cases.’ 

“One piece of data which hints that this trend could stick is that the percentage of tests coming back positive is decreasing, now at 12.7%,” he said at the daily press briefing. 

“Hopefully it will be maintained in the next few days and will not rise again.” 

The director of the Centre for Health Emergencies also praised the growing number of tests being performed, saying it showed that ‘we are reaching maximum detection capacity.’

He added that ‘17 autonomous communities are stabilised or declining’ before warning that they still all have high numbers of cases, bar the Canary Islands.

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