THE current coronavirus restrictions in Andalucia are ‘very likely’ to be extended for another two weeks.

That was the verdict of regional Vice President Juan Marin Wednesday, speaking to journalists following a meeting on the San Silvestre tunnel. 

Marin said the figures from the health system will be the guiding force when it comes to lifting or tightening restrictions. 

So far, he said, there is not enough data to analyse the effects of the new restrictions ‘with clarity and objectivity.’ 

Although over the past few days there has been a significant drop in the infection rate, the hospital, ICU and death numbers have not followed suit.

Marin admitted that he has the ‘feeling’ that it is ‘very likely’ that on Sunday it will be announced that the same measures are to remain in place. 

It means the region would continue under the current restrictions until midnight on December 8. 

Marin insisted that it will be the committee of experts who will put forward the possible options. 

“They will do so according to criteria relating to the health system, which seem to be starting to bring results,” he said, “the curve is stabilising quite a bit and starting to go down.”

Marin added that it was ‘too risky’ to say today whether if following another 15 days of the measures, restrictions on mobility would be lifted or curfew hours changed.

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