ALMOST double the number of people have recovered from coronavirus than were infected in Andalucia in the past 24 hours. 

Figures released by the Junta Monday show some 2,884 people were rid of the disease, while 1,455 cases were detected. 

The daily count is also much lower than last Monday, when 2,127 cases were recorded.

Sevilla was once again the province with the most cases Monday, clocking 416. 

It was followed by Granada and Cadiz, which both counted 342. 

Malaga counted 106, Jaen 101, Almeria 75, Huelva 55 and Cordoba just 18. 

While Mondays typically report fewer cases, the week-on-week difference of 672 is more evidence that the measures implemented in the region are continuing to have an impact. 

Meanwhile the number of hospitalisations increased by 58 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 2,785. 

However it follows a huge drop on Sunday when the number of COVID-19 patients fell by 574 in the region. 

Additionally, the number of ICU patients dropped Monday by 13, to 488, after falling by 29 on Sunday.

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