ANDALUCIA has announced that the measures currently in place to fight coronavirus will remain in force until at least December 10. 

President Juanma Moreno made the announcement on Sunday following a meeting with the so-called committee of experts. 

“We must find the balance between protecting public health and protecting economic activity,” the Partido Popular leader said. 

As expected, despite the general downward trend of the incidence rate of the virus in the region, the majority of the restrictions will remain, with only a couple of slight changes. 

Perimeter closures: All municipalities in the southernmost region will have their borders or perimeters closed. It means you cannot travel to another town unless you have a justified reason to do so. This includes going to work or for legal or medical reasons. 

Curfew: The night time curfew will also remain in place until midnight on December 10, meaning you are not permitted to be on the streets between 10pm and 7am, unless you have a justified excuse, such as travelling to or from work. 

Business hours: All non-essential businesses must continue to close at 6pm. However there has been an exception allowed for shops which sell toys, with their mandatory closing hour being extended to 8pm. 

Takeaways: Additionally, while bars and restaurants must shut their doors to clients at 6pm, people will be able to pick up their own takeaways until 9:30pm. You can still order food from an app such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo until 10:30pm, with restaurants able to send out deliveries until 23:30. 

University: While classes at schools or colleges will continue to be face-to-face, classrooms at universities will remain closed and teaching will be done electronically. The only exception is lab work and experiments. 

Alert levels: Malaga city and the Axarquia have been downgraded to level 3 coronavirus risk, but the rest of the province remains on level 4. Granada province, meanwhile, has seen a new level created due to a worsening of its figures, and now sits in level 4 (grade 2). 

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