ANDALUCIA has begun the last week of November with clear skies, but from tomorrow, Wednesday, intense rain will lash across the region.

The first full-blown autumn storm will sweep through Andalucia as of tomorrow and temperatures will drop by an average of 5C.


An Atlantic storm brewing off the coast of Portugal will be responsible for the drop in temperature, particularly noticeable from Thursday with highs below 15C and abundant rainfall as of Wednesday.

Rains are expected to accumulate and may even exceed 50 litres per square metre in 24 hours in some parts of the region.

Rainfall will continue to be widespread on Thursday 26.

As the storm moves east, the rain will be less intense and abundant, with a noticeable decrease by the end of the week when the weather front will be more stable.

The cold spell however, which will accompany the arrival of the storm will remain.

The last rain and wind-storm that affected Andalucia at the beginning of November led to ten roads cut off due to flooding in the provinces of Sevilla, Malaga, Almeria and Cadiz, roads which remain cut off at different sections including the: SE-8202, SE-485, SE-9205, A-388, A-7282, MA-7304, MA-6406 and the MA-6404.

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