UP to ten people could be allowed to meet to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in the Murcia region.

Regional health officials say that a final decision on numbers will be left until December 20.

That’s when coronavirus infection rates will be assessed by experts.

Murcia’s COVID monitoring committee leader, Jaime Perez, said:

“Infection figures leading up to Christmas will allow us to assess what the risks will be of relaxing restrictions.”

National Health Ministry guidelines announced yesterday(November 24) recommended groups of up to six people permitted to meet on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, with the curfew start-time relaxed to 1.00am.

Final decisions are left up to regional governments based on the coronavirus case rates in their areas.

Jaime Perez said: “If you asked about relaxations for the holidays three weeks ago, I would have said that would have been out of the question. Now we can look at being more flexible.”

The current rules in the Murcia region allow for only six people to gather together.

“We are on the right track and the current measures are saving lives, but we are on a knife-edge where the situation could change very quickly,” Perez warned.

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