A significant easing of COVID-19 counter-measures has been proposed for the Valencian Community over the Christmas holiday period.

The plans though will depend on a recent downward trend in new coronavirus cases continuing in the region.

Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, says that the regional government wants to expand the number of people that can get together over the holiday to be increased from six to ten.

That however will only apply to members of the same family and in all other cases, the rule of six will continue to operate.

The relaxation would be on December 24, 25 and 31 in addition to January 1, 5, and 6.

That would in effect take in the Christmas, New Year, and Three Kings holidays.

The curfew start time would also be cut back from midnight to 1.00am on each of those days.

In regard to current rules in shops and the hospitality trade, Ana Barcelo said:

“We hope that we can relax capacity restrictions as well but that will depend on infection rates. Our plan is to keep the current measures in force until a week before Christmas, and make a final decision then.”

The Valencian Community wants co-ordination and a common approach from all of Spain’s regions, because it is after a relaxation in border closures on the nominated six days so that families can get together.

If an agreement is not possible, subject to COVID-19 infection rates, the Community is expected to push ahead with its own plans.

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