21-YEAR-OLD British Spiderman, George King, climbed Barcelona’s iconic Agbar Tower on Saturday, adding another urban summit to his list of daring feats.

Awed onlookers filmed the freeclimber as he scaled the 33-storey skyscraper with nothing more than chalk to help him hold on.

The climb took around 20 minutes, though King took a good few moments to enjoy the view from the top – as any tourist would.

He was arrested afterwards, as was his friend who filmed the entire stunt via drone, but the daredevil appeared chipper nonetheless, saluting the camera before he got into the police car.

King found fame after scaling the London Shard in July 2019, an exploit for which he received 24 months in prison.

He said that he climbed the Agbar Tower to lift spirits during the festive season, which has been tarnished by the coronavirus pandemic.

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