FIVE new COVID-19 cases have been discovered at Gibraltar schools in the last week as cases shot up overnight.

Overall, the number of active cases rose to 60 across the British territory in the prelude to the festive period.

It is thought Christmas shopping could be the main culprit of this latest increase in the pandemic.

A new test was launched at Gibraltar airport which would give results within the hour.

The most heavily hit school from December 7-13 was Notre Dame Lower Primary which recorded two cases.

Three staff members and five pupils were ordered to self-isolate as a result of one of the cases, and none from the other at Notre Dame.

The first person infected with COVID-19 was found at the Hebrew Primary School.

It led to four lunchtime staff members and ten pupils being sent home by the Contact Tracing Bureau.

The sixth case at St Anne’s Upper Primary saw just two pupils go into self-isolation.

Bayside School recorded its twelfth case, with three staff members and 32 pupils ordered home to prevent a possible infection spreading

As on previous occasions, only if contact tracing teams inform parents should children not go to school.

At the airport a new one-hour testing service for arriving and departing passengers was introduced with a £50 price tag.

The test is not as reliable as the one provided for free at the Midtown COVID-19 testing facility.

Results will be sent by SMS within the hour and includes an electronic certificate that can be used to board flights.

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