VALENCIAN political party Compromis is calling for greater environmental protection of the Illes Columbretes islands in Castellon Province on behalf of the central government.

The group this week filed two amendments to the State budget for 2021 – one requesting the ‘effective protection’ of the marine nature reserve, and another calling for greater investment in the Baix Maestrat district.

Spokespeople for Compromis in the Spanish Senate pointed out that, although the Columbretes Nature Park falls under the jurisdiction of the regional government, the marine reserve is the responsibility of the State.   

Calls To Protect Columbretes Nature Park
The Illes Columbretes

More specifically, the party is calling for an investment of €500,000 to develop a stricter protection plan in order to prevent any actions that could pose a threat to the nature park and the marine reserve, including their flora and fauna.

Compromís has also requested a study to ascertain the exact conditions of the wildlife and the quality of the water, plus a moratorium on all oil prospecting activity that could alter the fragile balance of the ecosystem.  

With regards to the Baix Maestrat, party spokespeople have requested funds to build an ‘ecological walkway’ linking Benicarlo and Peñiscola, plus more trains covering the area and other local improvements.

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