QUEEN Letizia has visited a humanitarian aid shelter in Honduras after hurricanes Eta and Iota ripped the country apart.

The trip was intended to show Spain’s compassion and solidarity for the Honduran people whose lives were destroyed in the crisis earlier this year.

Amongst the 120 tonnes of cargo taken to Honduras by the Spanish Cooperation Agency were rapid COVID test kits for residents of the area.

This amount of cargo is the largest quantity of goods given by the Spanish Cooperation Agency in the last decade, Royal Central have said.

On her two day visit, the queen was pictured surrounded by school children and volunteers as she visited the most effected areas.

She was also accompanied by Spain’s Secretary of State for International Cooperation, Ángeles Moreno Bau.

Three million Hondurans suffered at the hands of Hurricane Eta.

The number of those effected only rose when a second Category 4 storm, hurricane Iota, cause further destruction.

This visit marks Letizia’s second time in Honduras, after her first visit in 2015.

Her awareness-raising trip comes just days after the royal Christmas card was released.

But for the first time in five years, the King and Queen made the decision not to pose alongside their daughters for the annual greeting.

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