A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for allegedly murdering his mother during an argument over money in the family home in Vinaros (Castellon) at the weekend.

Vinaros square

According to the Guardia Civil, Svetlana Oborocea, 45, was killed by a fatal stab wound to her side that presumably pierced her heart, killing her on the spot.

The victim also displayed other signs of violence, including cuts and bruises all over her body.

Her son was arrested and remanded in custody, awaiting trial.

Neighbours called the Local Police when they heard a loud argument coming from the flat. Officers rushed to the scene and seized the suspect, who reportedly went quietly without attempting to resist arrest.

A SAMU emergency ambulance appeared quickly on the scene but was only able to confirm Svetlana’s death by stabbing.

Neighbours reported that the victim had been mistreated by her former partner, who spent time in prison for domestic violence and is under a restraining order, despite living in the same town.

The same witnesses added that the alleged killer grew up in a ‘violent household’.  

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