VOLUNTARY vaccination against COVID-19 will begin this Sunday in Spain, however the Ministry of Health has announced that a record will be kept of those who refuse to be immunised.

According to the recent update of the COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy, released this Monday by the Ministry of Health, refusal of the vaccination will be reflected on each citizen’s ‘vaccination record.’

Records will be kept of those who have refused the vaccine and the corresponding motives with the aim of discerning patterns between the different population groups.

With just five days to go before the COVID-19 vaccine starts, which consist of two doses separated by 21 days, the Health Department has specified which people will be vaccinated first.

The ministry of health has identified two priority groups; residents in old peoples homes and the corresponding health care personnel working in these homes.

Precedence then falls on front-line staff in health care (including those working with patients in COVID-19 units, personnel of urgent sanitary transport and workers in intensive care services) followed by people considered highly dependent but who do not live in residential homes.

According to the document issued on Monday by the Health Department, it is not yet so clear whether people in ‘terminal situations’ and in homes where there is an active outbreak will be vaccinated.

Scenarios which will be examined and assessed by Public Health, on an individual basis.

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