FROM this Wednesday, Andalucians can travel into the community to meet with their families.

From today until January 6 2021, inclusive, the Junta will allow people to enter and leave the territory for the purpose of family reunions during Christmas.

As stated in the President’s Decree 12/2020, of December 11, travel is permitted ‘to territories that are the habitual place of residence of family members or close friends’ and can only take place during the designated days over the Christmas period.

Likewise, free mobility between the eight provinces of Andalucia, authorised from 0.00 hours last December 18 is still permitted.

The Junta is, for the time being, maintaining its Christmas deescalation plan, but new measures could be announced shortly.

December 28 being the date on which new measures could be announced.

The curfew on Christmas Eve to Christmas Day has been set at 1.30 am., until 6am.

Waivers to curfew rules apply to those who are assisting or caring for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

Travel due to force majeure or a situation of need or any other of a similar exceptional nature is also permitted.

Additionally travel is permitted outside curfew hours for ‘officially recognised sports competitions at professional and national level’, or for ‘international matches organised by FIFA, UEFA, FIBA and the Eurobasketball league’.

Gatherings over Christmas, whether indoors or outdoors, must not exceed 10 people, except in the case of cohabitants.

Finally, catering and hotel establishments may remain open in Andalucia on Christmas Eve from 8pm and ‘until half an hour before the curfew,’ i.e. until 1am.

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