ONE OF Costa Blanca’s major cities celebrated Spain’s Three Kings Day in style, this morning.

Orihuela saw the first of the Pfizer vaccines administered to 73-year-old Rafael Planelles.

Orihuela Vaccine
FIRST IN THE REGION: Rafael Planelles receives his jab

The vaccine was part of the shipment that arrived in Spain just as further border controls were put in place, recently.

Supplies come from a central distribution point in Guadalajara, just outside Madrid.

The landmark vaccination was administered at The Residence for the Third Age.

Following Senor Planelles’ jab, Rosario Bernabéu became the first worker at the centre to receive the dose.

The Councillor for Health, José Galiano, was present during the process with Pepe Cano, Director of Public Health.

The timely vaccinations come just as the figure fir Coronavirus fatalities in the Valencian Community surpasses the 3,000 figure.

The regional government has set even tougher restrictions starting this week, in order to stem the increase in cases.

We recently reported that 667 people in Alicante Province hospitals are being treated for COVID-19, compared to 489 a week earlier.

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