A COMMUTER in Mallorca has complained about having to travel on a packed bus on the same day that new restrictions have been enforced on the island.

The woman had shared pictures on Twitter of her journey on Palma’s number 35 bus this morning.

Tagging in President Francina Armengol, Health Minister Patricia Gomez and Mayor Jose Hila, she said:

“Route 35 of the EMT Palma at 8.20 in the morning during level 4. Where are you? @Patgompic @F_Armengol @hila? How can you ask for sacrifices if you don’t comply?”

Mayor Jose Hila swiftly responded and said that he ‘didn’t understand how it could have happened’ since the capacity on buses had been limited to 33%.

He also reassured the commuter that he would speak to bosses at EMT.

It comes as tougher new restrictions have come into force on the island.

From today until at leat January 26, only essential services will be available to the public, such as supermarkets and pharmacies. 

Unessential services, including bars, restaurants, spas, gyms, clothes shops and shopping centres will be closed.

Meanwhile, the Balearic government has condemned the protest that took place in front of the Consolat de Mar yesterday.

It is estimated that approximately 1,000 people attended the banned demonstration.

The protest called on the government to put an end to the restrictive measures that have crippled the restaurant sector.

Speaking on IB3 radio this morning, Minister Aina Calvo said the ‘protesters put their lives and the lives of others at risk’.

She also said that attendees would face a penalty for their ‘bad behaviour’.

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