JUNTA President, Juanma Moreno, has asked the central government to consider a return to home confinement in Spain.

During a media briefing on an institutional visit to Algeciras (Cadiz), the president of the regional government expressed his government’s ‘concern’ at the ‘rapid’ increase in contagion which is occurring in this ‘third wave’ of the pandemic, something that was not seen in either the first or the second, he warned.

Following the sudden surge of numbers, the Junta will agree this Friday on tougher measures to be put in place throughout the community, specifically limitations on mobility.

The PP chief confirmed that it is foreseeable that, after meeting with the Junta’s committee of experts this Friday afternoon, ‘new decisions will be taken regarding the limitation on mobility from a geographical point of view’.

Additionally, Moreno added that it’s likely there will be ‘tougher measures’ for ‘economic activity itself’.

According to Moreno, these measures are ‘the only instruments’ the Junta has right now ‘to deal with this multiplication of contagion.’

“I am already anticipating that on Friday we will set limitations on mobility among Andalucian citizens,” he said.

The Junta President has linked this ‘explosive’ development of the pandemic both to the effect of ‘the Christmas holidays’, despite the fact that, during those holidays, ‘the majority of Andalucians have been very responsible’, and to ‘the British variant of the virus’.

In regards to a return to lockdown, Moreno said that though he didn’t think it is a necessary measure for Andalucia itself, given that the community is currently below the national average in terms of the incidence rate, the Spanish government “should be thinking about whether it is necessary to take a measure of this type for the whole country”, he said.

“It is the responsibility of the State itself” Moreno added, “tougher measures are necessary in the management of this pandemic in order to respond to situations of the magnitude we are experiencing”.

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