4,810 new COVID-19 cases within a day in the Valencian Community were reported last night(January 13) by the regional health ministry.

That’s a rise of 246 infections compared to the Tuesday figures.

The record daily Community infection total was announced on Saturday with 6,240 cases.

52 deaths were recorded across the region down from the January 12 figure of 92, taking the overall pandemic death toll to 3,465.

Out of the 4,810 new infections declared yesterday, 3,110 are in Valencia Province, with 1,119 in Alicante and 491 in Castellon.

Hospitalisation numbers are continuing to rise with 2,848 patients being treated, 109 more than on Tuesday.

The breakdown shows 1,606 people (up 11) are in Valencia Province hospitals (237 in ICUs); 994(up 81) in Alicante Province facilities(153) in ICUs); and 248(up 17) in Castellon Province(28 in ICUs).

24 outbreaks were reported in the Valencian Community with ten of those in Valencia Province totalling 57 infections.

The Valencian Government is still holding back on introducing additional curbs to stop the spread of COVID-19 in spite of number of pleas from mayors for tougher measures.

29 municipalities have local perimeter closures that were introduced a week ago(January 7).

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