THE first so-called ‘vaccine passports’ will be handed out to residents in Andalucia ‘within days’, the Junta has announced. 

Spokesman Elias Bendodo told a press conference today that those who have received their second dose of the COVID-19 jab ‘will be able to prove it with a QR code.’

“The QR code will act as a certificate so they can prove it when taking a trip or any other activity that requires it,” Bendodo said. 

He added that Andalucia has so far administered 163,048 doses, more than 75% of the total number of vials sent to the region. 

Vaccine Passport
JAB CERTIFICATE: Elias Bendodo showed what the so-called vaccine passports, which are accessed via a QR code, will look like

“We will reach 80% between today and tomorrow,” Bendodo said, “And we will maintain a strategic reserve of 20%.” 

He added that the third wave of the virus ‘is the most aggressive we have suffered due to its explosive evolution.’ 

The QR code will be sent to the mobile or any other device of people who have received two jabs. 

It can also be printed as a paper certificate for those who do not own a mobile or tablet. 

The Junta announced plans for a vaccine passport last year, vowing that those in possession of one would be able to skip certain restrictions. 

Junta president Juanma Moreno said on December 19 that the plan was to make events and travel safer in the future by knowing ‘who has been vaccinated and who has not’. 

“Of course no one will be forced to get the jab, but if someone is going to want to go to sporting or cultural events or travel, they will have to be vaccinated,” Moreno said at the time.

It has not been confirmed when those who are first to receive their vaccine certificate will be permitted to travel or skip other restrictions. 

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